Jeannette Sutton

Disaster Sociologist, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado at Boulder and Assistant Research Professor, Trauma, Health, and Hazards Center, National Institute for Space, Science, and Security Centers, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Jeannette Sutton received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder specializing in environmental sociology with an emphasis in hazards and disasters. Her dissertation examined collective behavior and the construction of social problems during the response to the September 11, World Trade Center attacks. She was then a post-doctoral researcher at the Natural Hazards Center where she conducted research on the barriers to adopting new technologies within public sector agencies, earthquake early warning systems, and the uses of information and communication technology for communication in disaster events. Dr. Sutton has worked as a research faculty member at the Natural Hazards Center on community preparedness, regional collaboration and the Urban Areas Security Initiative, warning systems for extreme events, and most recently, the uses of social media during disasters and crisis events.